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Duncan Gibson Consultancy provides expert help and advice on all town planning related matters. With wide ranging experience in both public and private sectors we are uniquely placed to deliver successful outcomes on projects ranging from the smallest private development to large housing proposals.


Duncan Gibson Consultancy can quickly appraise land and assess its maximum development potential. We can assist in the appointment of the right architect for the job and make sure the brief is the right one. Our excellent relationship with many of the local council planning teams means that we can get the most use from their pre-application processes where they are necessary. We will prepare and submit applications and other submissions on your behalf and negotiate you through the process to optimise your site’s potential.


If your property is commercial, retail or agricultural you will almost certainly encounter the planning system at some point. We can offer expert advice and steer you through the potential pitfalls.


For most people their house is their biggest asset and, quite naturally, people want to make the best possible use of it, whether that be for an extension for their day to day living requirements or for residential redevelopment to maximise its value. Our expertise will allow you to realise that potential. We can also help save time and money by avoiding schemes which have little or no prospect of success. If we don’t believe your proposal is realistic – we will tell you. Call us now to discuss your needs.